Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yay! I did it!! I got Mimitchi on my P2 :D
It took such a long time cos I had to pause it a lot. Getting this guy requires perfect care so pausing was the only option I had. The long wait was worth it though! Ain't he cute?
On a side note, I've been ordering lots of tamagotchis lately. This week I received a white Angelgotchi and a yellow Morino (pictures below). I also ordered a red Santaclautchi! I've been wanting to have it for so long, can't believe that I'm finally going to own one!
I'm still waiting to receive my Tamagotchi ID L 15th Anniversary edition. I hope that I get it before Xmas.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! May I ask where you buy your tamagotchis from?