Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OM21: Lots of Tamatown Tama-Go Info!

So it's been an exciting few weeks over at Tama-Zone. Ra, a moderator, and Binary, an admin, were both sent the new Tamagotchi directly from Bandai, and have both been keeping logs of them. There's a whole lot of fun new features on the Tamatown Tama-Go, and it's certainly shaping up to be interesting for both old and new fans...

Toilet Training
A feature fans have begged for finally arrives! Through the Tamagotchi's life, they will need to be punished or praised, which brings up their "Training" meter. Though now, if you catch your Tamagotchi about to use the bathroom, selecting the "Toilet" icon right before will increase training too. Once your Tamagotchi makes it to adulthood, they'll be able to go to the bathroom all by themselves!

A rather humorous nod to the Mesutchi and Osutchi, as well as the Family pets (V5, Celebrity, Royal). Ra describes it as such:

Another interesting thing is, I decided to try and see what would happen if I maxed out her weight. Her weight was already pretty high, so I kept feeding her snacks to bring it up. A really funny thing happened as soon as it reached 99! She started shaking, and suddenly bloated up! Then she just sat in the middle of the room with her enormous belly, drooling out the corner of her mouth, and refused to do anything!

I was starting to get a little nervous, as I didn't know how I was supposed to get her weight down. She wouldn't let me click the door icon, nor the discipline. In desperation, I started to try and click all the icons, and finally the medicine icon worked. She began shaking again, and pooped her weight down!
So for those of you planning on stuffing your Tama with snacks to keep it happy... be careful! :P

Just like in the Music Star, Nazotchi runs the shop. The TMGO does not feature any items at all. However, it does offer a variety of foods and home renovations.

Home remodeling not only changes the living room, but the rest of the house as well! It's an actual improvement over the Tamagotchi Plus Color, where each room would be a separate cost.

If your Tamagotchi marries a character from the Dating Place, the partner will move in. After 24 hours, a new baby will be born, and the parents will leave the following night, leaving you to care for the child.

Age Counter Glitch
One slightly unnerving issue has come up with the TMGO: the age counter. Changing the time on the clock screen will reset the internal age counter back to where it was from the beginning of the day, and connecting the toy to TamaTown.com for an extended period of time freezes the counter. In both cases, the age number remains the same while the Tamagotchi itself continues to age.

While this doesn't affect the Tamagotchi's growth, it prevents the "Dating Place" from appearing when the Tamagotchi reaches adulthood. Typically, a Tamagotchi adult is ready to marry after 72 hours, or 3 years on the age counter. But with the age counter frozen, the Tamagotchi will have to wait longer to marry, and risk evolving into Ojitchi or Otokitchi.

Want to see the Tamatown Tama-Go in action? Check out the awesome videos below!

Ra's Tamagotchi Logs - lots of detailed information on the Tama-Go, and first-person accounts on it. With much credit to him for most of the images you see above! :)
Binary's Tama-Go Logs - details and pictures, and even includes a pic of the TMGO taken apart!
Bandai's Official Tamagotchi Page - recently updated for the TMGO, with more coming soon, including a wiki!


Anonymous said...

hi, im using tamagotchi music star, but whenever i try to access tamatown, it keep on giving me a screen that says connection lost. pls help.

tama lover7 said...

Ilove you're blog I'm glad you new post in. poor tama got all fat.....

Anonymous said...

When is this Tama Go or the TamaTown Tama Go Realise ?

Tamagotchi fan!!! said...

i have Tama-go codes

Anonymous said...

you have not been hit yet ok warning to all mouth is back

Anonymous said...

Hmm i love the tama-go in my opinion better than music star because run out of money you run out but on tamago im making nearly 15,000 gotchi points lol but got a pro debut on v6 first time YAY im famous lol :)