Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OM21: Tamagotchi Angel - Secret Character Discovered!

So on the Japanese edition of the Tamagotchi Angel (better known as the Angelgotchi or Tenshi no Tamagotch), a secret character exists known as Lucky Unchi-Kun. To get him as a character, you have to raise the baby, but there's a chance that instead of evolving into Marutchi Angel (Maruten), it continues its life. It will go on walks and call for phrase like any normal adult Angel, until finally one day, it evolves into Lucky Unchi-Kun; a sparkling gold poop with a face. Incredibly weird, I know, but still very rare.

For a long time, it was believed that this character was removed from the US edition of the toys, but as the below video shows, this appears to not be the case!


Kay | Color Printing Postcards said...

I used to have two tamagotchi when I was younger, and I am always asking my younger cousins if they know some place that I can buy one :) because I really want one.

elyos said...

i like tamagotchi, i collect all them!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize people thought it was taken out in the American version, I've had it before... Of course, at the time I was maybe 7 and I thought it was a bad thing so I reset it :U