Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OM21: New Tamagotchi "Tama-Go"

Hello, everyone! Great news for those living in North America: there's a brand new Tamagotchi toy heading our way!

This new Tamagotchi's going to be called the "Tamatown Tama-Go". From the looks of the images, it appears to be a black-and-white version of the Tamagotchi Plus Color. However, to spice things up, there's also a "Tama Figure" feature. These are little plastic toys that attach to the top of the unit, and unlock new games, items, and foods.

From the looks of things, it seems that Bandai really, REALLY wanted to bring the TMGC+C to America, but knowing it would be a huge monetary risk, they decided to get as close as they could, while introducing a new feature to keep things fresh. One screenshot even shows Belltchi in a living room with a fireplace! Personally, I've got mixed feelings for this new toy; while the figurine concept is definitely interesting, I'm not personally too keen on the shell designs, and the idea of forking over $20 for a black-and-white version of a toy I already have. But I'll most definitely be getting one to give it a fair chance. :)

Images are all property of Engadget, so click here for even more pictures!

The new toys were officially announced on February 12th, but a release date has yet to be mentioned, so stay tuned!



Hamme said...

been forever since u posted plz post more often i know you might be busy but i hav no place to go and im so alone sniff sniff *BAWLS* plz

Hamme said...

oh and what kind of batteries any other features?

Pause Person said...

I've come back here to have a look and your site has progressed so much! You have so many visitors and comments! Today I dug out my tamagotchi and realized I've forgotten almost everything about it. Ha.

Good luck.

PS. The Tama ID looks amazing. COLOUR :D

Anonymous said...

can i have permission to use some pictures on this site for my blog to compare???

Jesmond said...

Sure, no problem.

tama lover7 said...

when you have more info. on it please post it

Tamagotchi Fan Lover said...

I Dosent Bandai Live The Colorde Screen on America , Im From America and i Whant To Buy it But Mi Parent's Dont Allow Mi to Buy on the Internet , When is the TamaTown Tama-Go Gonna Bi on America ?

Anonymous said...

Calling all Tamagotchi Fans!!

The virtual pet known and loved around the world has under gone a face lift. Renamed TamaTown Tama-Go™, the revamped virtual pet offers fans a whole new way to play with the Tamagotchi characters at home, online at www.tamatown.comand on the go!

While you still have to remember to keep your little character well fed and rested, the redesigned portable, Easter egg-sized Tama-Go is larger featuring a new high contrast, four-gray scale display screen, an interchangeable design face plate and one TamaTown collectible character figure. Attach the TamaTown collectible character figure to your Tama-Go and activate character specific games in your device. Fans can collect more characters to receive special rewards in their Tama-Go that can be redeemed online. Sold separately, each TamaTown figure includes two character-specific games and shopping items when placed on the TamaTown Tama-Go.

Springtime Festivities at new tamatown.com!
This month Bandai will post online names that are finalists for one of TamaTown’s new cities. Tama fans are invited to vote for their favorite cityname. The poll to help Bandai select TamaTown’s new cities’ names is now open and votes will be accepted through April 23, 2010. This is just a tease of more fun to come from www.tamatown.com, including a web site re-launch this summer! The enhanced web site will unveil new cities, games, and downloadable content and shopping opportunities for Tama fans to explore!

Anonymous said...

i think u can change the inside of the shell designs because i saw this picture of a kuchipatchi figurine with a fallen leaves design tht u can prbly put inside ur tama-go. If u look closely theres a small opening for opening and closing the glass front.

Jady107 said...

Please tell me the release date!!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy Tama-go??

I want it!

I went to Toys R Us and they don't sell Tamagotchi anymore.

So please tell me where to buy!
I know they were already released, I've been reading and seeing lots about.

I need an EggFriend ~♥

Anonymous said...

omg when are the tamagotchi-go's coming to Australia. i am a huge fan of tamagotchi's and must have one :):):)!

Anonymous said...

i have more than 4 tamagotchi's! i have 2 tama-go's,1 v.5 2 v.4, and 1 v5.5. I LOVE TAMAGOTCHI :D

Anonymous said...

i have one and i really like it but i cant figure out how to access items. I can only access foods and remodels... is this tamagotchi version incapable of using items? i hope not :(

Tamagoctchi said...

I have a Digital pet :D
I mean I have a Tamagotchi virtual pet that I collected at PIJ. Its really awesome.