Monday, October 5, 2009

OM21: Global Tamagotchi Updates! NEW COLOR TAMAGOTCHI

Welcome, everyone! With the new month of October comes many exciting new updates to the Tamagotchi world...


Prepare to meet the...

Tamagotchi iD

With many thanks to Binary of Tama-Zone for breaking the news, Tarokaja for providing the info, and !Gotchi-Gotchi! for translating the name.

While not shown on the official Japanese website, a new Tamagotchi model is on its way to Japanese retailers. A rough translation of the Japanese site says the following: (Careful: This translation is rough, so not all information may be correct.)

New communication system that you'll want to show off!
New for Tamagotchi:
* Changeable accessory (shell?)
* Characters personality can be altered.
* You can keep the same character forever.
* You can overwrite existing games and items with new ones by downloading them.

New Tamagotchi Memory
* Change accessories to make your our Lovelitchi
* Download items from DekaTama
* Download new minigames through Cell Phone
* Download new wallpaper through Cell Phone
* It's lots more fun to connect Tamagotchis to each other

Whatever you want to download, you can download to make this into your original Tamagotchi.
* Unlike older Tamagotchi models, you can download data and overwrite as many times as you like.

As you customise more and more, you'll become attached to your character.
Instead of aging quickly from baby to adult. Now there's a friend stage. That's when you can use the new download function and influence their personality.

Improved Tamagotchi lifestyle!
Your Tamagotchi can go to a restaurant, go to a photo studio. In your garden, there's a mailbox for receiving letters.
The newest addition to the Tamagotchi family will be released on Tamagotchi's 13th birthday, November 23rd. Start saving up!

Meanwhile, the newest English language model, Tamagotchi Music Star: World Tour Edition, has yet to appear ...

Tamagotchi Music City: October Item

For the month of October, talking to MemePapatchi in the Park will give you the October theme item, Big Pumpkin! Go grab one before the end of the month!

New Tamagotchi Anime in Japan!

A new Tamagotchi animated series, simply titled Tamagotchi!, will be airing this month in Japan. The series appears to focus on Mametchi and his friends spending time in a Hollywood-like town, meeting celebrities and having adventures.

Some returning characters include Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Makiko, Flowertchi, KuroMametchi, ChaMametchi, and Kikitchi. Four new characters will be introduced as well. One of them is Lovelitchi, a white cotton-ball like character who appears to be a famous celebrity. The other three's names have yet to be translated.

Unlike the original animated series, episodes will be half an hour with two stories each (not any different from American animated cartoons, such as Spongebob). Currently, a dub of the new anime has yet to be announced.

Click here for the official Japanese page focusing on the new anime!

New Tamagotchi DS Game!

Announced with the new anime is a tie-in Nintendo DS game. Info is currently You can check it out here.

Thanks for reading, and check back often for more information as it comes!


klaud said...

Hi....This new tmgc+c will be fantastic....
i dont have one tmgc+c because i live in Portugal and i i dont have paypal...:(

i want one so much....keep making posts...
i like you blog


!Gotchi-Gotchi! said...

Exactly what Klaud said.
Thanks also for updating, 0m21/WolfNanaki!

Jesmond said...

Thanks for this OM21. It sounds awesome. I'll definitely be buying this. Seems like there's finally going to be a lot to update our blog with :)

Sam2009 said...

I really dont think this is a good idea for a person from a different country to buy this tamagotchi as ive heard that it should only be used in japan because it works mainly through downloading games and other things through a japanese cellphone. so if i brought it i would only get limited usage out of this tamagotchi as downloads from japan dont work on british mobiles. IM SORRY BUT ITS TRUE. LET SOMEBODY TEST IT OUT FROM OUTSIDE OF JAPAN BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS BUYIN BECAUSE IT WILL BE A WASTE OF PEOPLES MONEY.

mametchi1000/1000 said...

Hello, on youtube, I published all codes to did a copy/stick !
I'll give the codes v4 v5 and all characters v6 (except nazotchi) for you!
Give the code nazotchi here!


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v4.5 character:____CUER_____C37F072 21BBC1F
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v4 character: ____CUER_____02D4E23 91A7CDF
v4.5 character:____CUER_____12E6E23 91A7CDF
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v4.5 character:____CUER_____14F9747 20D6F79


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Kuribotchi_______GRANT__E2B0E59 434C21B
Kuchitamatchi____RIKKI__B636C29 189FB90
Kikitchi_________RENEE__B506A72 6E83729
Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223
Nonopotchi_______RIKKI__F2A6542 5ACBF96
Mametchi_________MELMO__388B067 71D02CD
Kuromametchi_____RENEE__82A90E1 6BF61B6
Shimashimatchi___MELMO__8F1F506 059B5C1
Togetchi_________JADE___EED95D6 2D97ECA
Kuchipatchi______SORA?__10DA3C9 0A7DBBF
Dorotchi_________WAWA___79484D4 C002F3D
Tarakotchi_______MENG___8ED3D8C ECCAF32
Androtchi________RIKKI__D15CF80 47ACEC7
Gozarutchi_______MENG___9CAB5B6 AB80B43
Tosakatchi_______MEME___FAF9703 5BDEC30
Ojitchi__________MENG___0D53DAF A18FBC5
Rexitchi_________WAWA___FFA24A7 C301F44
Girl Petitchi____RIKKI__846B92F 74FFD83
Hitodetchi_______RIKKI__9204F29 1299B0F
Tamatchi_________EQU____D67B1FC 33EF818
Chamametchi______WRATH__D9ED679 53A4DA3
Ichigotchi_______WRATH__1C3433A 0BF0BA8
Ringotchi________RIKKI__7276804 1896B94
Mimitchi_________OLGA!__54C5348 367DDC5
Chantotchi_______TOM!!__C1B716F 7631F43
Memetchi_________DG L___B6C2CB1 6AC7CC9
Makiko___________RACHE__700DB57 FB6A249
Violetchi________DANAN__A7BBCE3 680C5B6
Onputchi_________SOCKY__0203E6D 2E9192F
Sebiretchi_______RIKKI__C0E56C8 23AF8BC
Maidtchi_________MENG___D9428B7 C9E6D3E
Masktchi_________RIKKI__B07A8E7 1F8EAB4
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Otokitchi________TMGC!__358F73E 25538CE
Dangoobatchi_____OLGA!__A3DF22C 1C0E9C7
Dreamitchi_______BEN____448F7E4 6822FBD
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IkkyIckaIzzyIpin :D said...


What do you mean w/ "To give the nazotchi code you must a tamagotchi familitchi and marry your music star with your tamagotchi familitchi" ???

Do you mean that v6 tamagotchi can marry w/ v5 tamagotchi?

please answer, i cant wait to know how can it be


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm just wondering but, when is Tama.ID coming out in Canada?? I want one!

!Gotchi-Gotchi! said...

As far as we know, the iD isn't coming out anywhere outside of Japan.

Anonymous said...

mametchi1000/1000 said...
It's not neccesary, I've the nazotchi code!!!
The right nazotchi code!!!

Anonymous said...

The nazotchi code is...


Vanessa said...

The color tamagotchi is so cool! I wish I could have one but I live in America. It is no fair for other people that live in other countries that would like to have one, if Bandi wants to make more money they should be shipping them out to other countries the plain screened ones are beginning to get old real fast and nobody would bother buying them in the future.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a code for lovelitchi for tamatown?

Tamagotchi Rules said...

Some one on:

Knows something about the Lovetchi codes but won't tell. He wants the Chuchutchi code. The Nazotchi code dosen't work.

Meet me on Tama Town. My ID is AN2941 and meet my friend DJ2949.