Friday, November 27, 2009

Tamagotchi ID - I bought it!!

Well I finally decided to buy the new Tamagotchi ID. I'm currently saving for a shopping trip to London so I was a bit reluctant about buying it but I found some rather attractive prices on eBay so I pressed the 'Buy it Now' button before I could change my mind :D. It cost me about $75 (shipping price included), rather expensive for a Tamagotchi, I know, but last year I had payed about $100 for the Tamagotchi + Color, so to me $75 is not a lot of money for a Tamagotchi which has more features than the TMGC+C. I chose the blue one...looks really nice IMO. What do you think? Here's a picture of it:

I'm actually very excited about getting this Tamagotchi. It seems like it's going to be packed with really cool features. I'll be making a detailed log about it, so y'all make sure that you check this blog regularly :)
I haven't really understood the difference between this Tamagotchi and the TMGC+C... does anyone know? Leave comments! Thanks :)


rojakrojak said...

is it my browser or is it your picture not loading?

anyways, gratz on getting the ID, i regret not getting the ID and got the TMGC+C last week on ebay! now it's shipped T_T

Jesmond said...

I re-uploaded the image...I hope you can see it now.

Wolf Nanaki said...

Hey Jesmond, congrats on the new Tamagotchi ID! :D

I'm saving up for one myself, but I won't be able to get one for a while. I listed some of the features in an earlier blog post:

Also, Binary from Tama-Zone bought some at the special event a week earlier, and is keeping records of his experiences:


rojakrojak said...


so pwetty ne...

Jesmond said...

Thanks for those links OM21, wow the Tamagotchi ID is more awesome than I expected. Can't wait to get it!