Friday, August 15, 2008

Tamagotchi V5 - Summer fun competition

Hi All!! It's been such a long time since I last posted an image. As many of you might have noticed, this is the image used in my header and was also featured in an earlier post. I changed the whole scene to give it a summery feel. I also put this image up for a competition on tamatalk.com. Whoever wins will get a V5 tamagotchi! I finally have a chance to get my own V5 :) What do you guys think?
Also please note that the screen name I use on TamaTalk is helios...in case someone thinks that helios stole my picture ;)

Edit: After entering the above image for the contest I have been receiving some very negative feedback from the other contestants at TamaTalk: click here and read the comments....I guess no one likes it when the competition gets serious ;)

Edit #2: Well unfortunately I did not win the contest. I really liked the winning entry though. You can click here to see it.


Mariam said...

Thats cool Jesmond! I will visit tama talk as soon as i can.

Mariam said...

Cool Jesmond! Your finally getting a Tamagotchi v5! :) I hope you win! :)

Jesmond said...

thanks Mariam. Yes i hope that i will win.

Anonymous said...

cool! i really hope you win. your website helped me so much! good luck!

Saskia said...

Jesmond, a question: why don't you just buy a V5 on eBay? There's real bargains there!

Anonymous said...

hey Jesmond Its like october now but I think that it is like really mean of all those people to say things like that about your artwork

Anonymous said...

There are alot of mean people out there.

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