Friday, May 30, 2008

set a record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours

Sounds like a good deal, right? All you have to do is get Firefox 3 during Download Day to help set the record for most software downloads in 24 hours - it’s that easy. We’re not asking you to swallow a sword or to balance 30 spoons on your face, although that would be kind of awesome.

Help set a record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours, through a monumental worldwide event known as Download Day. Here’s how you can help: Host a party to download Firefox; you provide the people and we’ll provide the party favors. Get the word out; tell your friends, your neighbors, your grandma, anyone and everyone to participate in Download Day. You can also put a “Download Day” badge on your blog, profile or website.

Most importantly go to the Download Day website and pledge to download Firefox 3. By signing up you will receive an email to remind you to download Firefox 3 when it becomes available. With your help the Firefox community can go down in history.

By the way, the official date for the launch of Firefox 3 will be posted here soon - so check back! Join the community and this effort by pledging today.


pause person said...

a few points:

1. I don't use firefox, and i don't really like it.

2. what's the point of downloading something that I wont use?

3. and what has this got to do with tamagotchi :P

sorry but i wont be participating

Jesmond said...

Hi Pause Person! I'm sooo happy to see that you're still checking this blog even though I'm not updating it at all lately :( However hang on there I'm sure that I'll be finding some time soon enough to make new updates particularly now that the new version of Tamagotchi will soon hit the stores (I'm referring to the V5.5).
Anyway, you're right, this post does not have anything to do with Tamagotchis, so yes it's waaay of topic hehe :P
There are some reasons why people should participate in this event. Two of these reasons would be:

1. To take part in the prestigious and world-known Guinness Book of World Records. Imagine if the record is actually broken, you'd be able to brag with your friends that you actually took part in a record breaking event.

2. Many people use Microsoft's Internet Explorer which is not very secure as a browser, particularly the older versions, and it also makes some websites look really bad. Now Pause Person, I know that you are using Safari as an Internet browser but think of those people who don't have a Mac. I think that this event will make them aware that there's an alternative to Internet Explorer.

pause person said...

:o. how did you know I used safari?? :S... you're right i guess... very well said. yes. I check your blog nearly everyday... to be honest i haven't played on neither of my Familitchies for AGES. the people on YouTube arn't happy about my lack of videos :P

Jesmond said...

I know that you use Safari because it is the standard browser for Macs. And I know that you use a Mac because your website was made with a Mac software :) Also people who don't like Firefox are usually people who use Safari on a Mac since Safari is a very good browser itself...I think I would make a great detective ;P

pause person said...

aaah.. i see. well done. yes you would make a very good detective!!

Jesmond said...

Now that the Firefox download day is over, I can proudly sat that I participated and, yes, Mozilla broke the record! more than 8 million downloads in 24 hours!

Ye Eun said...

how do u do blogs so amazingly?

Jesmond said...

it all takes patience and determination i guess. Also, lots and lots of pictures, people love those.